I have always loved cars since a very young age. Coming from a family that adores cars, I appreciate and understand cars needs to be treated correctly and cleaning a car proprerly is vital. 


The way of washing a car is very important. I have been on numerous courses learning different techniques, methods and products to use to prevent swirls marks, scratches and defects. 

Here at G.A.W. Ultimate Detailing we want to prolong the 'new' look or return the new look to our customer's cars. We will talk through the stages of the services and any additional work that might be needed. We are open and transparent and happy to hear from you with any concerns you might have. 

Max & Detailing.jpg

You might see a little three legged friend about.

Max does love a cuddle. 

Max and his Bowtie.jpg

We like to dress smartly here at

G.A.W. Ultimate Detailing 


We have all the equipment to hand any detailing job:

  • wet vacuums

  • pressure washer 

  • snow foam lance

  • pressure washer 

  • water tank

  • Genitor  


We use premium products on our client's cars. Treating every customer's car as it was our own. 

 Here at G.A.W. Ultimate Detailing we are very choosy of the products used on our clients' cars. If you want to know the products used on you car, just let us know and we will explain.  As the result we want is the 

Ultimate Detail.

Here at G.A.W. Ultimate Detailing, we have invested in using 'Smart Water' soon, which has less chlorine and dirt in than normal tap water. This will stop any nasty water marks spoiling our client's car wash.

None of our competitors has this. 

I am almost a citified professional detailer.